At Atavas we believe if you invest in a professional search partnership, your hire's need to add value and stay long enough to realize your return-on-investment.

Resumes, screenings, and interviews as thorough as they may be sometimes don’t result in the hire you thought they would. That’s life.

There are myriads of reasons people may perform better in one company versus another, but in the end, let’s remember candidates are human.

And humans aren’t perfect.

But Our Fee And Guarantee Model Is Perfect And Clients Across The Globe Agree.

Imagine a search partner that not only delivers exceptional talent, but only gets paid AS the placed candidate proves their value (over significant time) and stays with you.

Introducing… Pay As They Stay (PATS) by Atavas.

Our value proposition is straightforward, hire a candidate from Atavas and pay us a fraction of the fee each month as the candidate stays up to as much as one year! If the candidate doesn’t work out.
Simply STOP paying.

Watch now.

Why Pay-As-They-Stay?

Here's what a customer has to say...

The World's Most Fail-Safe Recruitment Guarantee...

Is the perfect Rx for recruiting in uncertain times.

Backed by over 160 niche experts nationally.

For over 25 years Atavas executive search and consulting has served hundreds of companies throughout North America in over 40 practice areas. Each Managing Partner is a proven leader in their industry. Each of our leadership team members has an average of 15 years tenure in their respective vertical.

Uniquely, Atavas’s growth model runs counter to the recruitment industry at large and for good reason. Rather than distilling our focus into limited practice areas, we grow practices around proven search partners who have attained industry mastery in their given vertical. This results in exceptional domain expertise, more aligned hires and overall improved client satisfaction.

Serving Clients In a variety of Industries.

From Information Technology to Construction, Healthcare to Biotechnology and over 40 + practice areas our model galvanized AROUND proven industry sector search consultants has you in good hands.

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Architecture & Engineering
  • Legal
  • Arts, Design, Media
  • Manufacturing
  • Building Maintenance
  • Marketing
  • Business Operations
  • Office & Administrative
  • Community & Social Service
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Sciences
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Food Services
  • Transportation


Atavas’ Recruiting Platforms and Processes are Smarter, Better, Faster

Founder and CEO, Phil Foti, after not finding any recruiting technologies and sourcing models that delivered to his standards built his company on 4 pillars.


Right Target

Let HR focus on Job Boards… we go after PASSIVE CANDIDATES, it’s how we EARN our fees. Most hiring managers would agree that passive candidates are necessary to source.


Right Data

Atavas uses proprietary technology to automate candidate profile research and collection and API’s to pull lead contact information from a number of different sources across the web.


Right Messaging

Atavas also owns a Digital Marketing Agency – This gives us a tremendous edge in delivering talent beyond the recruitment industries standard go to channels.


Right Channels

Once we define our right target of passive candidates, extracted the right data touch points, and developed compelling messaging We engage candidates with your distinct Career Value Statement across multiple digital marketing automation channels and one-to-one recruiter engagement.


Superlative Scalability and Specialization

Over the past several years we successfully established the RecruiterXchange (Rx) as the worlds’ only agency-based crowd-sourced recruiter network aggregating hundreds (and rapidly growing) of formidable gig recruiters in most every area of specialization throughout the United States and globally.
Rx functions as an adjunct to bolster our internal recruiting efforts and has proven to best satisfy our clients’ demands for scale without sacrificing QUALITY-of-hire. If our internal team needs to see better quality talent on a search, we simply open it up to Rx for reinforcement. Rx is the perfect prescription to best solve our clients’ expectation for quality and adaptability to their explicit needs.