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Recruiting IS Marketing

Atavas uniquely has in house consultants that possess the expertise to provide counsel on how to transform a passive, reactionar recruitment model into a proactive cabdidate generating machine. We do this by applying the same template of demand generation and inbound marketing used by cutting adge marketers to tyour recruitment process.

Why does this matter?

Much like a company that sells a product… they have to generate leads to convert to sales. The latest trends in marketing are finding great value in Demand Generation… (creating demand through awareness, identification of pain points, creating a clear value prop/solution/ and a strong call to action), once leads are generated "scoring" leads attributes a numerical value based on many criteria that predict within reason which leads are "sales ready" and which need additional nurturing…. the higher the score, the greater probability of a close and now Sales can best leverage their time closing deals with interested prospects and allow systematic marketing communications to nurture colder leads.

This same principle works wonderfully in staffing, your job is the "sale", the hiring manager/recruiter is the "sales rep" and the candidate is the "prospect".

We at Atavas use this model to build robust talent funnels for just- in-time hiring, finding the candidates you need, when you need them.

We'd be happy to consult with your organization to map the process that will help you build the recruitment marketing systems that will build your own talent funnels.