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Atavas Staffing and RPO

You deserve to hire the talent you can't live without! Selling yourself short in the short term will cost both you and your company in the long run…

There is a better solution.

The Pain We Solve

Not having the right people at the right time in your business leaves you exposed to excessive risk, missed market opportunities, costly overruns,  brand tarnishment and loss of competitive ground.

The Best Solution

An outsourced recruitment solution that is adept at both the marketing and psychology of successful recruitment.

The Right People: The solution must be adept at sourcing and screening candidates for the right skill sets and then matching candidates with requirements based on mutual DISC harmony. This simple but overlooked tool will help you minimize the risks of a bad hire.

The Right Time: This solution must deploy Recruitment Direct Marketing strategies that engage and nurture active and passive candidate talent pools building "recruit ready" talent pipelines. leveraging fast go to market social media, direct marketing,  and other advanced proprietary methods will get your opportunity and Career Value Proposition to the TOP of mind of active and passive candidates. We don't rely on JOB BOARDS, you're paying us to creatively engage, attract and hire the candidate you can't live without!

Why Atavas is The Best Solution Provider

We uniquely have and offer:

  • In house Recruitment Direct Marketing experience with C-Suite Level marketing histories.
  • In house certified executive coach to administer DISC assessments that will identify the candidates most  naturally "wired"  for success in your position within your cultural DNA. It's the science of hiring.
  • Expertise in scaling projects small and large. Our combination of fixed in-house staff and our Distributed Workforce enables us to assemble teams and scale projects quickly and more affordably than traditional RPO's and Agencies who are restricted by a fixed number of employees and recruiting assets.
  • Scaleable Call Center to reach any candidate population anywhere in the United States fast!