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Virtual Recruiters- Join the fastest growing Virtual Search Firm in North America !

Do you have third party recruitment experience?

Are you fed up with someone else dictating your schedule?

Do you disdain the rat race?

Do you want the fruit and freedom that very few in our industry ever achieve?

Do you want prosperity AND peace?

Atavas has built the model that provides the leverages and upside of this industry without the burnout and unpredictability.

We are seeking remote team members that will work one side of the desk only. Choose your passion… Sales or Recruitment. You don’t have to carry the world on your shoulders with Atavas. It’s more efficient and rewarding this way.

You will be commission only… however…..

Sales Executives: We do the heavy lifting of research and lead generation for you so you can focus on closing.

  • Are provided with a fresh group of most place-able candidates every day to the most hungry prospects in their territory. There are NO cold calls with Atavas, we bring value with every contact we make. We give you the tools open doors. You have dedicated team members who generate these leads every day just for you.
  • We provide you with a market map of the hottest companies hiring NOW in your market and your team members do the detailed research in identify contacts and contact points for every prospective company. You will have a list of who’s who, email and direct phones when available.
  • We provide a team of online sourcing specialists and recruiters that hunt candidates for as many quality job orders you can acquire. You get the orders and our Recruiters deliver active and passive candidates (that our competition only dreams of) immediately.
  • The credibility of associating with some of the fastest growing companies nationwide from fast growth small-mid caps to a prestigious list of Fortune 500 Clients.



  • Are provided with a stable and constant flow of job orders to work on. You do NOT have to do any selling. You wake up and start filling positions.
  • Are provided with detailed lists of market mapped candidates by our research team, the research team spends at least 8 hours on average per position compiling an accurate list of target candidates and detailing their contact details ie Cell, personal email, work email, social profiles etc.
  • Provided access to the most sophisticated cross industry sourcing tools that helps you fill more deals faster.
  • You choose how much work you can handle, we only ask that the orders you are assigned to you dedicate 100% ownership.


If you truly want to build a business within a business, want to prosper without sacrificing your health… if you want peace… then apply here