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Archive for 'Hiring and Retention'

The First 30 Minutes: A Three-Part Guide to Hiring The Right Employee

Finding great employees can be more challenging than some managers realize. Often without realizing it, interviewers base their choices on initial first impressions, which can be dangerously inaccurate in a face-to-face interview situation. Professionals choose a person based on charisma and confidence and potentially disregard someone who might simply be nervous in interviews. Lou Adler, […]

How to Spot a Winning Employee and Hire Smart

Hiring is one of the most important things a professional will do. People are the lifeblood of any organization, so it’s imperative that each person a company adds to its team is a good fit for the organizational culture. Learning to spot the right person during the course of the hiring process is a skill […]

10 Ways to Improve Your Organizational Culture

Are your employees happy? Whether the answer to that question is "yes" or "no," chances are the reason for that answer is an undefinable something that makes your workplace better or worse than some others. That something has a name: culture. If you think you can't control your organizational culture, you're wrong. There are things […]

3 Reasons IT Managers Should Retain Coding Skills

As IT professionals rise through the ranks, it can be easy to lose touch with the very skills that impressed executives in the first place. For software engineers, this is especially true, as supervisors often spend far more time in meetings than in front of a computer. But as important as it is to delegate, […]

3 Reasons to Avoid the Open-Office Trend

We've all heard about a major shift in workplace environments throughout the corporate world. Businesses are knocking down cubicle walls and piling workers into small spaces together, creating a more efficient environment that encourages collaboration. But before you buy into this trend, you should ask yourself if it's the right option for your business. New […]