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Archive for 'Interviewing Best Practices'

How Goal-Based Hiring Improves Your Odds Of A Great Hire

Job plans and performance evaluations now make up the backbone of every successful organization. Yet for many organizations, hiring practices still rely on outdated methods that grade a person on background rather than ability. In fact, a glance at the average job opening announcement shows this dedication to skills. "Three years or more of marketing […]

What 15 Top Tech Entrepreneurs Say About Startup Hiring and Culture Fit Assessment

When a business chooses a new hire, that person is becoming a part of the team. Often hiring managers spend so much time focusing on finding the right fit for a specific job, they lose sight of the big picture. But for companies of all sizes, it’s crucial to always ensure a candidate is a […]

The First 30 Minutes: A Three-Part Guide to Hiring The Right Employee

Finding great employees can be more challenging than some managers realize. Often without realizing it, interviewers base their choices on initial first impressions, which can be dangerously inaccurate in a face-to-face interview situation. Professionals choose a person based on charisma and confidence and potentially disregard someone who might simply be nervous in interviews. Lou Adler, […]

How to Spot a Winning Employee and Hire Smart

Hiring is one of the most important things a professional will do. People are the lifeblood of any organization, so it’s imperative that each person a company adds to its team is a good fit for the organizational culture. Learning to spot the right person during the course of the hiring process is a skill […]

Hiring Smart to Align with Culture: It’s Not What You Think

Ancestry.com has created a unique culture for its mid-sized employee base. Located in Provo, Utah, the company's headquarters offers breathtaking views and a fun, family-like work environment. Like many others in his field, Ancestry.com's Zach Pino realizes that corporate culture, not compensation, is what attracts and keeps employees long term. Culture vs. Compensation For Ancestry.com, […]