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Archive for 'IT Management'

3 Reasons IT Managers Should Retain Coding Skills

As IT professionals rise through the ranks, it can be easy to lose touch with the very skills that impressed executives in the first place. For software engineers, this is especially true, as supervisors often spend far more time in meetings than in front of a computer. But as important as it is to delegate, […]

Mindfulness: What It Is, How It Can Help You

When professionals think of meditation, the first thing that often comes to mind is religion. But while meditation may be widely used in Eastern spiritual practices, the act of quieting one's mind each day has major health benefits, especially for today's busy executives. Meditation in Business Last summer, an article on Google profiled the company's […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of an IT Manager’s Needs

As an IT manager, your team is the backbone of operations. Recruiting, training, and keeping highly-skilled professionals is among the most important things you do. Even the most basic staffing problems can lead to weaknesses throughout an organization. A recent article in Information Management discusses how Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs applies to the information […]

We surveyed over 100 CIOs. Here’s what they said about IT Hires…

What Trait Do CIOs Value Most in their IT Talent? In a recent poll surveying over 100 CIOs on their priorities in staffing decisions, Atavas Technical Staffing found that 63% of CIOs tied employees’ success to their Emotional IQ–or “EQ”.   These CIOs agreed that the EQ of IT talent affects both on-time and on-budget […]

Stop Making $50,000 Hiring Mistakes

I wanted to pass on this blog post from Debbie Fledderjohann, a partner of ours. Mis-hires are expensive and disruptive. Contracting is a great alternative to relieve near-term pressure so you can, as Jack Welch says, Hire slow and fire fast. Enjoy… -Phil Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to hiring, those mistakes can […]