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Archive for 'Build a Winning Culture'

10 Ways to Improve Your Organizational Culture

Are your employees happy? Whether the answer to that question is "yes" or "no," chances are the reason for that answer is an undefinable something that makes your workplace better or worse than some others. That something has a name: culture. If you think you can't control your organizational culture, you're wrong. There are things […]

Hiring Smart to Align with Culture: It’s Not What You Think

Ancestry.com has created a unique culture for its mid-sized employee base. Located in Provo, Utah, the company's headquarters offers breathtaking views and a fun, family-like work environment. Like many others in his field, Ancestry.com's Zach Pino realizes that corporate culture, not compensation, is what attracts and keeps employees long term. Culture vs. Compensation For Ancestry.com, […]

We surveyed over 100 CIOs. Here’s what they said about IT Hires…

What Trait Do CIOs Value Most in their IT Talent? In a recent poll surveying over 100 CIOs on their priorities in staffing decisions, Atavas Technical Staffing found that 63% of CIOs tied employees’ success to their Emotional IQ–or “EQ”.   These CIOs agreed that the EQ of IT talent affects both on-time and on-budget […]

Stop Making $50,000 Hiring Mistakes

I wanted to pass on this blog post from Debbie Fledderjohann, a partner of ours. Mis-hires are expensive and disruptive. Contracting is a great alternative to relieve near-term pressure so you can, as Jack Welch says, Hire slow and fire fast. Enjoy… -Phil Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to hiring, those mistakes can […]