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IT Leadership Survey : 73% of Companies Plan More Tech Hiring in 2014

A national survey shows tech hiring isn’t getting any easier and may get even harder this year. Surveyed hiring managers and recruiting professionals to find 73% of them report their companies plan to do more hiring of tech workers in the next several months. Nearly a quarter of all the survey respondents said their tech hiring […]

We surveyed over 100 CIOs. Here’s what they said about IT Hires…

What Trait Do CIOs Value Most in their IT Talent? In a recent poll surveying over 100 CIOs on their priorities in staffing decisions, Atavas Technical Staffing found that 63% of CIOs tied employees’ success to their Emotional IQ–or “EQ”.   These CIOs agreed that the EQ of IT talent affects both on-time and on-budget […]

Stop Making $50,000 Hiring Mistakes

I wanted to pass on this blog post from Debbie Fledderjohann, a partner of ours. Mis-hires are expensive and disruptive. Contracting is a great alternative to relieve near-term pressure so you can, as Jack Welch says, Hire slow and fire fast. Enjoy… -Phil Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to hiring, those mistakes can […]